The Future Is Renewable

Our company

Who We Are

Aracari Energy is an experienced green energy company launched in 2020 and based in Germany. We work hand in hand with a variety of partners to realize utility scale solar PV projects and contribute to the energy transition. Our team is multinational, highly professional and always on the lookout for innovative approaches to the energy transition.

What We Do

We work towards a renewable future by developing, financing, constructing, and operating large solar PV projects in selected countries in Europe and beyond.

We provide services along the entire value chain of a solar PV power plant. From the origination of suitable property over permitting processes, technical design, negotiation of offtake agreements, financing, procurement of  components, construction to the operation and maintenance of the power plants.

How We Work

We are convinced that a renewable energy project can only be executed successfully in close cooperation with all stakeholders – customers, land owners, communities, investors, electricity offtakers, service providers and others. Therefore we work closely together with involved parties to realize sustainable, high-quality and profitable power plants.

Our Solutions

We apply suitable and custom-made solutions to develop, build and operate successful PV projects. With our experience and knowledge, we are at the leading edge of technological and commercial developments in the solar PV industry.

We carry out a thorough planning of our power plants supported by digital tools. We consider all site conditions such as the available land or grid connection points. Further, we apply innovative concepts such as agrivoltaics which could enhance the use of agricultural lands. Battery storage will play an increasing role to reduce bottlenecks on already strained transmission grids and stabilise the green energy production.


Ground Mount

We plan, develop, build and operate large scale ground mount solar power plants with an optimal use of available land, professional maintenance concepts, and cutting edge technology.

The minimum size of land which allows for a profitable project is around 8 hectares, and we are able to plan power plants on almost all ground conditions. 

Floating Solar

We use industrial lakes, flooded gravel pits, harbor basins, or any other body of water for the installation of floating solar PV power plants. 

The big advantage of such installations is the use of new and previously unused areas and - from a technological viewpoint - the constant cooling of the modules.


We install agrivoltaics on agriculturally used land. This allows for the dual use of land for food production as well as for green energy generation.

The modules are either erected high above ground or sufficiently far apart. This makes it possible to grow and harvest crops and fruits underneath or between the panels. A big advantage of this solution is the protection of crops and fruits from adverse weather conditions.

Battery Storage

To stabilise transmission grids or even out the electricity supply over the day we plan our projects with battery storage facilities.