The Future Is Renewable


The energy transition is an enormous undertaking. We believe that the chances to succeed are highest when it is tackled as a team. Therefore we are looking for partners to develop, build, and operate successful solar energy projects in Europe and beyond. If you have land, expertise, or looking for a financial investment – get in touch!


We are looking for various types of land and property, e.g.:

  • farmland with a minimum of 8 hectares for ground mount solar PV
  • farmland for agrivoltaics (i.e. installations which allow the combination of solar energy and food production)
  • landfill sites, flooded or unflooded gravel pits, industrial lakes
  • former military training grounds, former factories or other conversion areas
  • swamps and fen land
  • or any other suitable property

You are a landowner, a community, a company, or have any other access to land and you want to explore possibilities to produce green energy? Get in touch!

Abandoned Buildings of a Military Base conversion ground photovoltaic

Case study: Converting industrial sites to sources of green energy

Property with ruins, decommissioned factories or warehouses, landfill sites, gravel pits and industrial lakes can be repurposed for the development of solar PV power plants.

In close cooperation with landowners, municipalities and other stakeholders we conceptualize the power plant and prepare the ground, e.g. by demolishing ruins and removing debris. With our expertise we ensure that such sites are used in an efficient way to develop cost-efficient solar farms.  

Reference Project

Solar Farm Schweinfurt

Solar Farm Schweinfurt

On about 16 hectares (40 acres) in Northern Bavaria we are currently planning a utility scale solar farm. The land was previously used as military training ground and is covered with heavy bunkers and other building structures.

Our concept includes the efficient use of the site by applying the existing structures. After finalised, the solar farm will be providing green electricity for about 6,400 households and avoids the emission of approximately 7,000 tons carbon dioxides.

Development Partnerships

We are looking for business partners with expertise, land, or procurement power to execute utility-scale solar PV projects.

We love to work in a team as this enables us to leverage our strengths in combination with the capabilities of our partners. Therefore, we would be happy to discuss development partnerships to make the best use of current market conditions and opportunities.

We are open to talk with specialised developers of green technology projects how solar PV projects could be integrated with other technologies – e.g. wind in a hybrid constellation. Further, hydrogen projects are highly interesting to us. But also development partners with land or with a perspective to share procurement powers are welcome. Let’s discuss!


A good investment is profitable, but we believe that it also can have an impact. By investing into green energy projects you will make a difference and at the same time make attractive returns. Aracari is your competent partner for investing in different types of projects at different development stages. Reach out and let’s discuss how we can together contribute to the energy transition!