Aracari kicks off development of solar project in Bavaria

Aracari kicks off the development of photovoltaic project close to the city of Schweinfurt in Northern Bavaria. The project on a site with 16.4 hectares is planned to produce electricity as of 2023 and will supply about 6.000 households with green energy.

The project will be constructed on land which was previously used as military training ground. Such conversion areas are highly suitable for solar PV farms. We expect that such sites will play an important role as prices for components decrease. At the same time, land is getting scarce, and new and innovative ways of using available land for PV installations are necessary.

With the project in Bavaria Aracari contributes an important share to the transition towards renewable energies. At the same time, this project is part of the pipeline which Aracari is building in Germany and beyond.   

Aracari Solar Freiflächenanlage