Eyyüp Yalama has been a project manager at Aracari Solar GmbH since February 1, 2023. He previously completed his master’s degree in business administration with a focus on energy technology and corporate sustainability at RWTH Aachen. Let’s have a chat with Eyyüp on his views on the renewable energy sector and his role at Aracari. 

1. What do you do in your everyday work and what do you like most about it?

What excites me most is the variety of topics. I am working on identifying and evaluating suitable areas, the approval process, the creation of technical drawings and plans – to summarize: I am involved in a broad range of activities in the area of project development of a commercial solar PV plant.

2. What has been your most exciting project at Aracari so far?

I love to be involved in the development of our Brönnhof solar project which is being planned on a former military site. The main challenge there was to revitalize a derelict area that was no longer used. The complexity was further increased by the existence of de-commissioned bunkers, roads, and buildings which had to be included in the technical concept.

3. What challenges do you face in your daily work?

The permitting process for ground-mounted photovoltaic plants in Germany is often challenging. The dynamics arise not only from new laws, but also from cooperation with communities which differ in their exposure to such processes and to players like us.

4. Why did you choose to work in the field of renewable energies?

Sustainability is close to my heart. Whenever it is possible to generate energy in an environmentally friendly manner, acting sustainably should always be the focus.

5. How do you see your future in the field of renewable energies?

I see my future in the field of renewable energies very positively. The continuous development and integration of sustainable energy solutions offer a wide range of opportunities for innovative projects and a sustainable design of the energy supply. My goal is to actively participate in implementing such projects to help to mitigate the impacts of climate change and help to contribute to the energy transition.